Flexible, affordable software modules that seamlessly work together to provide powerful Internet solutions.

About InfoGears

The InfoGears family of Software Solutions, Network Solutions, and Consulting Services are affordable integrated solutions for organizations that have outgrown their basic business software and static web site. InfoGears provides the IT infrastructure of a large corporation without the frustration or costs associated with managing complex systems. And we help you use these powerful solutions by providing the Professional Services and Consulting to ensure your success.

Why InfoGears?

Integrated Solution Suite
Every solution works together without costly systems integration.

Quick and Easy to Implement
Modular solutions are ready to deploy immediately and customize quickly.

Low Total Cost of Ownership
Cost-effectiveness and scalability of a hosted environment. No licensing fees or long-term contract.

Flexible Technology
Extensible platform infrastructure can be rapidly modified.

Contact InfoGears

InfoGears, Inc.
P.O. Box 6701
Bozeman, MT 59771-6701

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